The Utah Bike Summit

The Utah Bike Summit is the statewide bicycle conference. The summit brings together everyday riders, bicycle and trail advocates, representatives from Utah’s bicycle industry, planners, engineers, representatives from Utah’s tourism industry and health fields, and local and state government officials in order to make Utah more bicycle friendly. Regardless of your interest in bicycling (transportation,[…]

2017 Conference Update

2017 Conference Update

Special thank you to the 2017 USOPHE Conference presenters for sharing your presentation slides and your contact information. Use the Right Tool for the JOB!: Why Licensure is the Pathway Forward for Health Education—Tyler Watson, DA, MPH, MCHES, CDE Move Utah: Learn About UDOT’s New Active Transportation Community Planning Program — Kim Clark, PE Does Urban[…]

SOPHE Knowledge Center Image

SOPHE Knowledge Center

The “SOPHE Knowledge Center” (SKC) will provide a consistent, efficient way for health education professionals to access materials relevant to their field and provide evidence-based support for positive changes in health, health policy, research, and/or practice. SKC is an interactive system that will catalogue ongoing research, archive reports and other products, and capture information regarding[…]