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USOPHE supports HB194: Medicaid Coverage of the National Diabetes Prevention Program. We are looking for your help! HB194 will be heard in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Tuesday, February 23rd at 8am. We are asking for you, as public health professionals and advocates for public health, to reach out to the members of the Health and Human Services Committee and ask for their support by the end of the day Monday, February 22nd.

Below we’ve provided:

  1. A list of committee members and their contact information
  2. Important talking points. Please include why you as a public health professional support this important bill.

Senate Health and Human Services Committee Members:

Example Speaking Points:

HB 194 allows for a three-year Medicaid pilot program to provide coverage of the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) for Medicaid beneficiaries who meet enrollment criteria. The National DPP is an evidence-based lifestyle change program for individuals diagnosed with prediabetes and is shown to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58%. HB 194 is a solid financial investment! Enrollment costs approximately $560/patient. While the appropriation request is for one-time funding of $500,000, it will bring in $1.3M in Federal matching funds.

One out of three adults in Utah has prediabetes. Diabetes affects personal well-being and quality of life. It results in an annual medical cost of $16,752 per person per year, which is 2.3 times higher on average than medical costs for a person without diabetes. People with diabetes are also at an increased risk for severe complications from COVID-19.

Extending the National DPP to Medicaid beneficiaries improves health equity and shows that Utah is committed to supporting access to effective health programs for all residents. HB 194 will improve lives, alleviate strain on Utah’s healthcare system, and help relieve the cost burden created by Utah’s increasing rates of diabetes. Click here to learn more about the National DPP.


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