Become a USOPHE Intern!

We are looking for applicants for the upcoming internship period: May-August 2022. The deadline to apply is April 18th. Potential applicants will be notified the week of April 18th to set up an interview. The anticipated start date of the internship is May 9th.

Please see the Internship Description as follows, and application questions below.

USOPHE interns can expect to work on a variety of projects pertinent to USOPHE’s mission – “To improve the health of Utahns by promoting the advancement of the health education profession and the employment of health educators in the public and private sector.” Among these are advocacy, program planning and evaluation, communications planning/outreach, conference planning, chapter development, and administrative responsibilities/data entry and other duties assigned by USOPHE board members.
A scope of work and activity is tailored to each intern’s expertise and pertinent to USOPHE’s needs. USOPHE interns will have the opportunity to assist board members with the advancement of the Chapter’s overall mission.

• 180-200 Credit hours (determined by University standards)
o 40-45 hours average per month
▪ 10-11.5 hours average per week determined by applicant and advising USOPHE Board Member.

• Hours will be achieved by accomplishing the following tasks – annual conference planning and attendance, annual advocacy academy planning and attendance, monthly board calls, tabling events at university, website and social media management.

• Location of the internship will be home based. Intern will use their own computer, phone, etc. to complete internship requirements. However, interns will be onsite for conference planning site visits, in-person USOPHE Board meetings, the annual Advocacy Academy and Conference, tabling/recruiting events at the intern’s University, career fairs, etc. and any other meetings/events that the USOPHE Board sees fit.

The ideal candidate will:

•Work with minimal supervision
•Possess excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills
•Be detail oriented
•Be reliable and prompt
•Participate in a minimum of 50% of USOPHE monthly board meetings
•Deal tactfully with a variety of personalities
•Work in a team environment
•Demonstrate strong organizational skills
•Prioritize and manage multiple tasks and responsibilities
•Be a current USOPHE member (preferred)



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