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COVID-19 Information Line

Utah Poison Control Center (UPCC) operates the main information line for COVID 19 in Utah. Volunteers must meet[…]

The Utah Bike Summit

The Utah Bike Summit is the statewide bicycle conference. The summit brings together everyday riders, bicycle and[…]

2018 USOPHE Advocacy Academy and Day at the Capitol

We are pleased to invite you to the 2018 USOPHE Advocacy Academy and Day at the Capitol.[…]

2017 Conference Update

2017 Conference Update

Special thank you to the 2017 USOPHE Conference presenters for sharing your presentation slides and your contact[…]

Proposed Changes to our Bylaws

Article VII Section 1 Current: Nominations from the floor shall be honored and such names added to[…]

SOPHE Knowledge Center Image

SOPHE Knowledge Center

The “SOPHE Knowledge Center” (SKC) will provide a consistent, efficient way for health education professionals to access[…]

CHES/MCHES Exam Preparation

The Utah County Health Department will be hosting a CHES/MCHES review session every Thursday, starting on February[…]

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