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USOPHE Membership

USOPHE, formerly the Health Education Association of Utah, is an organization dedicated to serving health educators and the general public. To become a member or to renew your membership, please click the "JOIN NOW" button above. Using our secure link, you can join the organization and pay the annual membership fee ($35 for professionals and $20 for students) online. Membership is good for 12 months from the day you join. Benefits include:

CHES Credits

Certified Health Education Specialists can earn credits at several local conferences that offer opportunities for educational and professional growth.

Job/Internship Opportunities

To join the Utah Public Health Careers Job Board, click on the briefcase icon and select “Become a UPHC Member (it’s free!)”

Community Outreach

Through different community outreach strategies, we promote the health education profession and the importance of CHES to the public and potential employers.


We keep you updated on job opportunities, new research, legislative actions, conference announcements, and much more. Association members also receive newsletters.

About Us

Our Mission, Goals, and Bylaws
The Mission of USOPHE

is to improve the health of Utahns by promoting the advancement of the health education profession and the employment of health educators in the public and private sector.

Increase USOPHE membership among professionals and students
Maintain electronic media to disseminate health-related activities, information, and opportunities to all members
Strengthen membership involvement in USOPHE workshops, conferences, and activities
Promote USOPHE members' awareness and involvement of current health-related legislative issues
Implement a fundraising committee to enlarge financial situation and benefit from non-profit status
Support and grow the mentor/mentee program
Boost USOPHE's presence in the community through more community outreach activities
Build and maintain a historical account of USOPHE
Create more opportunities for members to receive CHES credits


Current USOPHE Board members

2016 - 2017
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Andrea Jensen

President — andreaj@utahcounty.gov
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Chad Myler

President-Elect — Chad.Myler@us.usana.com
Chad is currently the Wellness Coordinator for USANA Health Sciences, Inc. in Salt Lake City. Chad holds Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Education from the University of Utah, is a Certified Health Education Specialist, and a Certified Personal Trainer.
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Brett Mciff

Past President — bmciff@utah.gov
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Nickee Palacios

Treasurer — npalacios@utah.gov
Nickee Palacios is currently the Health Promotion Coordinator for the Maternal and Infant Health Program at the Utah Department of Health. Nickee has a Master’s degree in Health Promotion from Utah State University and is a Certified Health Education Specialist.
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Sarah Hodson

Secretary — sarah@gethealthyutah.org
Sarah is the Executive Director of Get Healthy Utah, an organization working to improve the health of Utahns by convening influential leaders to build support, leverage resources, and encourage community engagement.
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Terry Murray

Professional Board Member — opistretch@hotmail.com
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Preston Lindhardt

Professional Board Member — preston.lindhardt@slcc.edu
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Carl Hanson

Professional Board Member — carl_hanson@byu.edu
Carl L. Hanson is a professor and is currently serving as chair in the Department of Health Science at Brigham Young University (BYU). Hanson has co-authored numerous publications and holds a doctorate from Southern Illinois University in community health education.
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Sadie May

Student Board Member — sadie.may@aggiemail.usu.edu
Sadie May is an enthusiastic and driven Health Promotion student. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Health Education and Promotion, and is currently studying Health Promotion as a second year graduate student at Utah State University. In addition, Sadie is a Certified Health Education Specialist as well as a graduate teaching assistant at USU. She hopes to find a career in global health education or disaster/refugee relief.
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Linnea Fletcher

USOPHE Delegate — linneaf@utahcounty.gov
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Hillary Carver

Credentialing Chair — hillaryanne.carver@gmail.com

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