At our annual conference, USOPHE presents several awards to recognize the efforts of health educators in the state. Nominations for these awards can be submitted at any time through the Chair of Nominations Committee.


Catherine Summerhays Distinguished Service Award

During the late 1970′s and into the early 1980′s Catherine Summerhays was the director of the Bureau of Health Promotion/Risk Reduction for the Utah Department of Health. Catherine was instrumental in continuing successes of many Bureau programs while sharing a strong interest in employee wellness. Under her direction and vision, the Healthy Utah program was developed and implemented. Utah became one of the first states to implement a Behavioral Risk Factor Survey under her direction as well.

This award is given to a person or program which has been shown to promote the advancement of quality health education. This award may be give to any person or program regardless of their professional affiliation.

Previous Award Recipients

2022-2023Utah State University Extension HEART Initiative
2021-2022USU Health Education and Promotion Master of Public Health Program
2020 – 2021Sarah Hodson
2019 – 2020Janae Duncan
2018 – 2019Austin Strebel
2017 – 2018Dr. Greg Hudnall
2016 – 2017Dr. Joseph K. Miner
2015 – 2016Mary Brown
2014 – 2015Alyson Ward
2013 – 2014Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Utah
2012 – 2013Julie Gast
2011 – 2012Carl Hanson
2010 – 2011Department of Health Sciences, Brigham Young University
2009 – 2010Department of Community and Public Health, Utah Valley University
2008 – 2009Eric Edwards
2007 – 2008Stephanie Fugal
2006 – 2007Les Chatelain
2005 – 2006Lynne Nilson
2004 – 2005Kristy Rigby
2003 – 2004Kevin Condra
2002 – 2003Brad Neiger
2001 – 2002Terri Sory
2000 – 2001Dan Kinnersly
1999 – 2000Heather Borski
1998 – 1999Ivy Melton Sales
1997 – 1998Kim Hall
1996 – 1997Todd Barson
1995 – 1996Mimi Morgan
1994 – 1995Kevin Thompson

Rookie of the Year Award

This award is given to a new Health Education Professional in recognition of their contribution to health education. A “new” Health Education Professional is defined as an individual who has been in the health education 1-2 years. Preference will be given to USOPHE members.

Previous Award Recipients

2022-2023Morgan Hadden
2021-2022Maggie Plessinger
2020 – 2021Danielle Chapman
2019 – 2020Mercedes Maestas
2018 – 2019Taryn Thurston
2017 – 2018Nikki Lake
2016 – 2017Mariah Tuttle
2015 – 2016Natalie Rowe
2014 – 2015Kristi Strongo
2013 – 2014Jane Ostler
2012 – 2013Melissa Miller
2011 – 2012Andrea Jensen
2010 – 2011Sarah Dahl
2009 – 2010Rebecca Holgreen
2008 – 2009Tatiana Burton
2007 – 2008Dulce Diez
2006 – 2007Andrea Deming
2005 – 2006Amy Gooch
2004 – 2005Libbey Mathews
2003 – 2004Graciela Bartholomew
2002 – 2003Lindsay Garr
2001 – 2002Bre deBry
2000 – 2001Jenna McAllister
1999 – 2000Margaret Jensen
1998 – 1999Keri Gibson
1997 – 1998Corinna Jessen
1996 – 1997Jeni Libin
1995 – 1996Holly Budge

Shelly Fuller Health Education Scholarship Fund

Shelley Fuller, former HEAU board member, died on March 10, 1996 due to complications related to cancer. During her board tenure, Shelley was instrumental in changes that influenced the vision and vitality of HEAU. She single-handedly built the health education division at FHP, a managed care organization. This required her to work tirelessly with clinicians to help them understand the value of prevention in general and the health education profession specifically. Shelley had the tenacity to translate her ideas to fruition. She was passionate about health education and ensured that all health educators at FHP were CHES certified. She believed that to be a good health educator, one must actively participate in improving the profession. Shelley had a zest for life and enjoyed the association of a host of friends. We remember her for her leadership, her spirit, her ready smile, her sense of humor, her vibrant laugh, her compassion in reaching out to others, and her courage and integrity to initiate and finish so many meaningful personal and professional endeavors. In her memory, the Shelley Fuller Health Education Scholarship Fund was created by HEAU in 1996.

A scholarship up to the amount of $500.00 may be awarded annually to a graduate or undergraduate student(s) enrolled on a full-time basis and accepted into a health education program of study at Brigham Young University, the University of Utah, Utah State University, Weber State University, or Utah Valley University. Criteria for this scholarship includes:

  1. GPA of 3.0 or above
  2. Leadership capabilities
  3. Community involvement
  4. Active in student organizations
  5. Current USOPHE member

Previous Award Recipients

2022-2023Tabitha Edson, USU
Brooklyn Richins, BYU
Ricardo Noriega, BYU
2021-2022Abbey Summers and Heather Bowcut
2020 – 2021Taya G. Jerman
2019 – 2020Danielle Rodriguez
2018 – 2019 Melissa Quintana
2017 – 2018Charity Vincent
2016 – 2017Nathan Brown
2015 – 2016Nicole Ray
2014– 2015Sadie May
2013 – 2014Chalyce Carlsen
2012 – 2013Jessica Strong
2011 – 2012Mindy Steadman
2010 – 2011Jakki Hansen
2009 – 2010Andrea Jensen
Marie Elegante
2008 – 2009Lisa Christianson
Rebecca Holgreen
2007 – 2008Melinda Barber
Donna Myers
2006 – 2007Shelsie Shaw
2005 – 2006Alison Myers
2004 – 2005Kaylynn Shakespear
2003 – 2004Andrea Turley
2002 – 2003Lorilla Bushman
2001 – 2002Kristen Prusse
2000 – 2001Brook Stevens
Amy Sands
Jodie Noyce
1999 – 2000Krisite Larson
1998 – 1999Stephanie Fugal
1997 – 1998Natalie Taylor
Keri Gibson
Kami Greenhagen
1996 – 1997Sarah Murray
1995 – 1996Jill Olsen