Utah Chapter of the Society for Public Health Education


USOPHE, formerly the Health Education Association of Utah, is an organization dedicated to serving health educators and the general public. To become a member or to renew your membership, please click the “JOIN NOW” button above. Using our secure link, you can join the organization and pay the annual membership fee ($35 for professionals and $20 for students) online. Membership is good for 12months from the day you join. Benefits include:

Certified Health Education Specialists can earn credits at several local conferences that offer opportunities for educational and professional growth.

Through different community outreach strategies, we promote the health education profession and the importance of CHES to the public and potential employers.

We keep you updated on job opportunities, new research, legislative actions, conference announcements, and much more. Association members also receive newsletters.

Be informed of upcoming advocacy events and bills that impact public health in Utah.

About us

Our Mission, Goals, and Bylaws

The Mission of USOPHE

is to improve the health of Utahns by promoting the advancement of the health education profession and the employment of health educators in the public and private sector.

Current USOPHE Board Members


Jordan Merrill


John Stuligross


Brittany Guerra

Past President



Kaylie Lake


Palak Gupta

Conference Planning Chair

Caitlyn Jasumback

SOPHE Delegate

Alysia Ducuara

Advocacy Chair

Gabriela Murza

Professional Development Chair

Staci Fuller

Membership Chair

Kristy Russell

Public Relations Chair

Marian Paller

Credentialing Chair

Oluwadamilola Obalana (Lola)

Student Board Member

Mckelle Hamson Cox

Special Projects Chair

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